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Default We think alike... :)

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Dien,

I'd like to meet the owner.

Must Be Someone SPECIAL.

Of Course.

In The USA - not possible due to Contamination from flood waters.
Hi Glenn,

My thoughts are the same as yours!

I was thinking to myself... would I eat there?

It depends...

If it was a flood in city streets, probably no - as the flood waters would be full of trash!

But, this is a flooded river... so it would come down to how clean the river waters were...

In the USA, I have a feeling that OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) might have a say in the matter! (And in Australia, the OH&S - Occupational Health & Safety - people may have a different idea...)

But... from a marketing point of view, I agree... It's great!

People will be able to tell their grandkids about that time in 2021 they had dinner in the flooded restaurant...!

Best wishes,

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