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Default Oxytocin and raising your confidence...

Originally Posted by Ankesh View Post
Anyone aware of oxytocin and how to increase oxytocin levels in your body?

Shyness drug (oxytocin) could boost confidence:

But none of the above links tells precisely how we can increase oxytocin levels of our bodies...
Hi Ankesh,

I also saw a similar article, and thought it was interesting...!

Anyway, here's how to increase your oxytocin levels according to one article I saw (

Quoting from the article...
  • Touch is very important. Interactive touch with human beings is best, but it doesn’t have to be limited to human beings. Touch happens between people and their pets.
  • Getting massage is helpful.
  • Walking, swimming in warm water, and all physical exercise is excellent. {Dien's note: I'm skeptical of this one}
  • Deep interaction, intimacy, and eye-contact are also important.
  • Sex releases oxytocin.
So, if oxytocin helps increase your confidence - one way is to do a lot of cuddling!

Another way is to get a pet - like a dog or cat - and pet your dog or cat on a regular basis. (I would get a pet you can stroke, like a dog, cat, or rabbit - and not one you can't, like a goldfish.)

And another way is to get a good massage... (Touch seems to be an important factor...)

I'm skeptical that exercise helps raise oxytocin levels, since this study seems to contradict that claim... (

By the way, I also read that oxytocin increases your trust levels too. So that's good to be aware of as well...

- Dien
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