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Default Re: Oxytocin

Hi Sandi,


Maybe I forgot to mention a keyword. How to increase oxytocin levels *naturally*?

For eg: if we need more iron - we eat spinach. If we want to increase dopamine levels, there are breathing techniques to do - or you go breathe in pure oxygen.

I know I linked to an article that talks about oxytocin drugs - but I'm not looking for them. I'm looking for natural remedies.

In the little research I did, I could not find any food source or exercise or any other natural ways to increase oxytocin levels of the body. One link did say that using specific smells could be a way to increase oxytocin levels - but didn't go in detail...

Now obviouslty the best way to increase confidence is gaining expertise and experience. But I love researching short cuts. For eg: is there a specific candle you can light in the room or listen to some kind of music before you have to give a big speech - that could increase your oxytocin levels and make you a bit more confident?

Hope this clarifies the issue a bit Sandi.
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