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Default Massages, confidence, success, and sex transmutation

Originally Posted by Ankesh View Post

The article also talks about how good handshakes are better in getting people employed.
Hi Ankesh and everyone,

I just came across an article on the effects of oxytocin and vasopressin (and how it relates to human relationships)... An interesting article! (Though perhaps not directly related to business... You can read it here...)

Anyway, this made me remember this thread that Ankesh started...

In the first post of this thread, Ankesh had linked to an article which said that oxytocin can boost confidence (article here)...

We all know that confidence can help with success! If you have no confidence... you often do nothing. And doing nothing means that you won't improve your situation. You have to do something, for things to change for the better...

Then, Ankesh and I posted the info that massages could be helpful in raising oxytocin levels...

I wonder. Could getting regular massages help improve your success (by boosting your oxytocin levels, and hence your confidence)? It would be fun finding out!

Oxytocin seems to rise in your body from relationship-related behavior (from things like touching, cuddling, and even sex). Napoleon Hill, in "Think and Grow Rich", claimed that "sex transmutation" helped with worldly success. I wonder if oxytocin could be one key to the mystery of Napoleon Hill's claims about "sex transmutation" leading to success?



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