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Default TED talk on Oxytocin

Originally Posted by Ankesh View Post
Anyone aware of oxytocin and how to increase oxytocin levels in your body?
I just watched this very fascinating "TED" talk on oxytocin...

Then I remembered Ankesh's great post from the past, and thought I'd add a link to the talk here...

You can watch the talk here...

Paul Zak: Trust, morality - and oxytocin

Some of the ways you can increase your oxytocin levels which Paul Zak mentions (based on his research) are... someone showing you that they trust you, hugging and being hugged, having sex, getting a massage, being at your own wedding (or also being at your son or daughter's wedding), or looking at the Facebook page of someone you love...

There is apparently a connection between oxytocin and moral behavior, and possibly between oxytocin production, and "reciprocity"... (i.e. the "moral compulsion" you feel to "give something back" when someone gives something of value to you...)

Also, while you apparently cannot "eat" oxytocin, you can absorb oxytocin molecules through inhalation (that is, by breathing it in)... I have no idea of any legal or moral dilemmas regarding that, but that's also been part of Paul Zak's research...

Best wishes!

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