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Donna Padgett
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Default I will survive!

Hello All,

Just another snowy day here in Buffalo NY, and as usual I'm out researching ideas for marketing my online business's, when I stumbled onto this site. I must say that there are some very knowledgeable people here and will enjoy checking out their pages. But first I must ask a favor. Being a LOW advertising budget business owner, I must ask for tips and ideas as to how to get my business ventures known to the shopping public.

Please realize that I do not want any get rich quick schemes, (one of the business's I own is an art gallery, trust me they are NOT get rich quick schemes LOL) nor spam, but any legal, legitimate, and useful tips or hints would be much appreciated. I've been at this for two years now and am always looking for ways to find new markets to sell our wares. I will survive in this business! I refuse to come a statistic of another failed online business that has went under due to bad marketing techniques!

So thank you for your time, wishing peace to you and yours,

Donna Padgett

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