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Default The first casualty of hope is your time, the second, is...

your wallet.

We are seeing a lot of HOPE being sold today, hope for a return to normalcy, hope for an end to the pandemic, hope for a better tomorrow.

TIME, the precious thing which keeps on going, no matter what we are going through.

Speaking of normalcy, there is a thing, called normalcy bias, aka Ostrich in the sand...when people continue to act as if nothing is happening, and the wikipedia page says about 70% are under the influence of this bias in a crisis or disaster, or pandemic.

That closely matches the number of people NOT wearing masks into some stores.

We are only 4 months into this officially, since the declaration of a national emergency...and we may not be at the peak, and HOPE for a rapid response and cure for the Covid 19 crisis, has sunken and reality sets in.

The last 30 days has seen large numbers of people getting out of hope and into action, and this displayed by their emptying their wallets for some system, some idea, some way of making money and turning things around for them, personally. Large % of Americans still in denial, or in "conspiracy" mode.

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