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Default Stuck with one stream of income


This is my first post in this forum. I am sure I'll learn many things from the members in this forum & also share my experience with them.

I started my career as a designer. I have worked for different companies, as a freelancer and then started my own company. I joined the IM world to make some online income apart from my regular client jobs.

I am happy with my designing business and also find scope of growth in there. But I have also tried to expand into other IM streams like affiliate mkting, list building, adsense, but nothing did work for me. A big reason for this is meeting deadllines for my client jobs.

How can I set aside time for other income streams, prioritise and start generating some income from the IM? Also what should be the right streams for me to get into? Well I'm not a good writer so creating tons of content is not easy for me.

I would appreciate your suggestions.

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