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Default Re: Who "owns" an event?...

Originally Posted by -TW View Post
How do I make sure *I* "own" the event? What's stopping someone else from just taking over + "hijacking" the entire entity?

Anyone here have any experience with this?
-- TW

I have no experience with this specifically, but I do have an opinion.

I think you'd have a real problem finding someone to take it over, much less steal it from you.

Why not try to find a sponsor right off the bat, like a company who makes weenies for a hotdog eating contest, for example. Get your city council in on the thing and let them organize and run it.

Meanwhile, you secure your position as the prime concessions contractor, or marketing and advertising director, or some such profitable position.

If you're worried about someone stealing your ideas, you'll never get anywhere. That's my opinion. Yeah, I've got one of those too.
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