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Default Re: Headlight Cleaning Manual now available for affiliate marketing at PayDotCom

The marketing is actually the bulk of the manual, if a digital product can be said to have bulk.

Cleaning headlights is a simple process, and though the cleaning is covered throughly in the manual, getting customers is the more important part of the business. I don't see how we could separate the manual.

Buy the manual, and you'll have it paid out on your first couple of jobs away from the dealerships.

The very idea of a UV sealer for headlights is foreign to me. The only thing I have experience with is protecting aircraft fabric from UV. In that application a clear dope is mixed with a heavy concentration of powdered aluminum, and that coating is then covered with at least two coats of paint. Even then the UV eventually eats the fabric. I doubt that type of covering would be acceptable on a headlight, and anything less than that would have to be magic.

The factory protective layer is what gets the UV damage. I remove that layer, leaving nothing to get further damage. Note the turn signal lenses on some years of Ford trucks. There will be a beautiful clear turn signal lens right beside a completely fogged over headlight lens. Why? The turn signal lens didn't warrant a 'protective' layer, and it's the layer that gets damaged. The whole business of headlight cleaning exists because the headlight manufactures have screwed up with their protective layers.
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