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Default Re: I KNOW he can make a booklet...but can he sell a booklet?


Here is what I did this morning w/o driving all over to get the data for the booklet. I went to the Dr's website and copied it piece by piece into 15 of the pages in the template and went to his office. I put my contact info on page 16.

As luck would have it, he was the only one in, hard to believe but true. I introduced myself handed him the booklet and said "this is the only 16 page business card in Reno. I went to your website and used your information to write it."

His response was immediate. "I like it and all I want to know is can I customize it w/a QR code and other ideas?"

I said no and stormed out.

Just kikking.

We have an appointment for the first week in January to help him create his new business card and to help him market his business. He is a naturopath and accupuncturist.

The beauty is he understands marketing and actaully asked if we would be willing to help him. It is as easy as you said it'd be.

Thanks a bunch. Hope your trip to SD is safe and easy.

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