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Default Re: One thing you haven't mentioned....

Originally Posted by Cornell View Post

One thing you haven't mentioned is the price point you are to share?



I realize your question is for Gordon and I am jumping into the thread. I have only one call with this card and it is the one I mention above. I used Gordon's line of "it costs $100 for 100 cards. I want you to test it and try it before we make any commitments."

He looked me straight in the eye and said words to the effect that that was extremely fair and sounded a whole lot better than what he had been hearing from other vendors.

I live in Northern Nevada so I don't know how that line would work in Southern Florida, Jneau Alaska or Montpelier Vermont. But I would imagine it has to have a ring of absolute honesty and let's do business to it no matter where you live.

Just my 2...
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