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Default How much?

It is the best question a salesman wants to hear.

It usually means hé is sold on the idea, but, now price comes into play.

One answer, with a big smile instead of a big red rubber nose on my face is...ONLY one million bux...

putting on the elf grin...and then BEGIN to ask the critical questions...briefly they go something like...IF you run an ad in Coupon Clipper, like you did last month, you probably paid 495 (or whatever, and if you've been around sowpub as long as Cornell has, you know I KNOW what the data and rate cards of all media being sold in my area) so I can guess pretty accurately...

And then ask how many of those coupons will produce continuous business...recently pointing out how GROUPON is putting some businesses in a hole with their coupon offers, mostly from one time users...

This done rather rapidly and with intent to show a price bargain...if it is for a momma and poppa store, and depending on the nature of the biz...whether it will be a weekly or monthly type book...or yearly...

Then I simply point to the coupon book they are holding and say

What is a customer who comes in often worth to you? Would you pay 1.50 to get a customer to come in over and over and to bring you in new customers. Doesn't 1.50 seem like a low cost to acquire a customer.

I am only allowed to sell you either 100 booklets or a maximum of 250.

100 booklets will be 150 bux or 1.50 each customer you give them out to...that is enough to TEST the concept, if you have a busy restaurant, you may want to TEST 250 for only 250 dollars or one buck each...and you can put 1/2 down and pay upon approval of your copy and we print the same day of approval and usually deliver that afternoon.

NOW, this is for mom and pop type places...institutions, they like , you have to get an order for at least 1000, so they can go to offset printing on glossy stock and I aim for at least 500 net profit per order...

BUT, you can charge what your area will bear.

MY program is for fast cash, quick turnaround wam bam money in my hand.

I get NO resistance at 1.50 per customer, who will produce, over time, a multiple sale...which the owner controls via the coupon itself.

WHO wouldn't pay a one time customer acquistion fee of 1.50???

Presented that way, using decent printer and paper, I print 110 booklets and give them all of them, although they paid for 100.

My personal goal is to get 3 in 90 minutes in the morning...450 for the day, with a net profit of close to 395 bux for a total of about 4 hours work...doesn't always get that, but for me, DOING 3 jobs burns up my hours of work time...start to finish...

You'll get faster as you work with the templates and figure out the best offers to put into it.

Also, as you get higher quantities, you price shop your printing, or take advantage of local printers with high quality laser printers on a heavier stock and/or brightness and have them do it...some will even cut and fold when you get into quantities...but, to me, fly low collect a few hundred bux a day while WORKING handing out coupon books...

seems to be something I can do in my old age...and help pay for the ice cream stand and hot dog stand while I teach SQ1 over lunch...


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One thing you haven't mentioned is the price point you are to share?


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