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Default Maybe chronologically, you're my senior...but, man...


I probably should have started a new thread. NO, you were clear, and it is a good strategy.

I was just wanting to explain my thinking on my retirement...I went for the Binary Matrix...yes/no...gate open, gate closed.

You want Ice Cream? Yes. No.

Can I have cherry? NO...

You want Hot Dog? Can I get a hamburger...NO.

Actually, the questions don't girls won't be asking, they will be there and the customer comes to them...

I thought long and hard about what I wanted...first on list...NO computers, that is, to have to check, monitor, surf, delete, etc.

I want to offer a popular selling product, which is almost recession proof and chugs along year after year. People eat. They eat more hot dogs than hamburgers, the love ice cream...or any cold tasty sweet treat on a hot summer day.

YES or NO. Hot Dog and Ice Cream, step right up.

Booklets. YES or NO. I'm not interested in selling at this stage, other than to meet people, get some exercise and for me, it is FUN. Your own custom made coupon book, YES or NO.

So while I'm taking a morning walk, breathing in fresh air and soaking up the vitamin D...I can make a little spending money, enough to buy a hot dog and ice cream later on....

Then, I go home, "typeset" the booklets, push a button and like magic, they come out of the printer...cutting a folding a hundred doesn't take much time...bam, bam, bam...ready for lunch...

Go to Ice Cream-Hot Dogs-Beans and Booklets to deliver a SQ1 lecture or two....maybe pass out a boolklet or two on that subject...

Hit the beach, prime time...collect a few sea shells, engage the ladies in delightful conversation...

ready for my nap...

Well, that is my typical day as it is sketched out on the white board.

No, I wasn't commenting on your take of the trades so much as making a personal statement of BEEN THERE done that...I'd rather oogle babes on the beach than talk to my cousin the roofer...that's all.

I'm about 78, body wise...hoping the sun shine, fresh air and ocean breezes can somehow get me back to 55, where I was young and beautiful...



PS. Also, I just like writing about my delicious future, it sort of motivates me too.

Originally Posted by Cornell View Post
Hee hee hee...thanks for the compliment but actually.... I think I am a wee bit older than you are

Perhaps I wasn't too clear in the other post ...wasn't suggesting making the trades a first line stab...just that they are there and money can be made from them.

I also really like quick and simple.
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