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Default So, if you agree, the best buyers are buyers...IF you do, then...

Originally Posted by Millard Grubb View Post
In the past I sold my CORE magic act here on the ‘Net.

Additionally, I have sold a Birthday Party Program here on the ‘Net.

I have sold a Daycare Program.

I have sold my After Dinner Mentalism Program.

I have sold my Corporate Mentalism Program

I have sold my Seance Program.

I have sold many other of my programs as well. With a career spanning several markets and three decades, I HAD to develop different shows as I matured as an entertainer and as my interests changed.

The reason I mention this here because I am considering a few things about all my performing experience and need a bit of advice.

After decades of performing, I have boatloads of experience. Additionally, I had to become an excellent marketer because of bad experiences with agents.

My query?

Is licensing my programs for sale to an individual the right way to go or just create a website and let the sales take off?

Licensing seems the way to go, yet I haven't much experience down that route.

Any help would be appreciated.

Don't know. I think Millard, you would find it harder to license (and protect and enforce) your stuff than to just sell it. Although, those problems, especially the MARKETING and dealing with AGENTS, are problems for all performers.

I don't think most local magicians compete with other magicians, they compete with every entertainer there is to choose from. I would never book a clown, for example (I find them ALL creepy), but if said clown offered a balloon artist gig (sans makeup) I'd hire him/her for an event.

I suspect, but don't know, the real VALUE you have, what the market will pay for is the MARKETING, especially without the hassle of an agent.

I know many people who book talent for events, and they all tell me the same thing, what THEY want, is a hassle free, uncomplicated deal with someone who shows up on time, knocks it out the park, and says thanks.

I think you would do well with a web site, which offered a MARKETING course, and then gave each of your courses up as add ons to that course. They can pick and choose, once they have the BIG course under their belt.

Lou Serrano was getting 297 for his course, can be seen, but not for sale, at

I don't know Millard, but you have options, which is good.

SO, who is buying NOW? What do magicians (and other entertainers) buy, and who do they buy marketing/sales/booking gigs from?

You're looking for buyers. Maybe a JV with a list, say of Maxwell Murphy, who probably has huge lists of buyers. Or any magic shop, which has lists of BUYERS.

We've had several magicians here at SowPub, and over the years, many have been at forums. I think you have a decent market, but just my opinion, trying to license your acts, adds a layer of difficulty to things, where as just offering a program, a main act, possible groups or memberships, might serve you better.

Now, as for my rabbit's disaster plan, well, too late, all that is left is his foot, and it wasn't too lucky for him, was it?

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