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Default Boats, RVs, Campers - selling like crazy now...

In an earlier post, Gordon said - in response to people who asked him about chatteling...

"...sell to people who have money; and want to spend it (RV's Boats, Campers)."

It just so happens that I had to do some research on boats, and I found that...

Sales of boats are zooming!

People are wanting to go out with their families on boats... So they can have fun as a family, a long distance from everyone else, safe from Covid-19...

And it turns out, sales of RVs and Campers are booming too...

People are afraid to hop on planes and get sick. RVs and Campers are much safer ways to travel... They can also avoid hotel rooms.

Here are some recent example articles, to show you what I mean...

Rising tide in boat sales as Bay Area looks to sail away from COVID-19

RV sales rolling up record numbers during pandemic

Camper Van Sales Double During COVID-19 Pandemic

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