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Default Stay HOME, save gas, make MONEY in your shorts, it's EASY.

I saw my third Moped today while walking to the store for a morning cup of coffee. ALSO, a couple of OLD guys (like me) riding bicycles.

I also passed 7 EMPTY houses. VACANT! In a neighborhood that hasn't changed much in 50 years except for the house upgrades. This is on ONE street. Just 2 years ago you would have been hard pressed to find 7 empty houses in the city. Ones that sat vacant for months that is.

And I noted that two MORE businesses went kaput.

I don't personally listen to the news or wonder what the media says about our current recession/depression. I have my own yardsticks to measure by. Like the number of yard/garage sales springing up, the amount of chattel and the kinds listed on craigslist.

So, a couple of days ago I stopped at a garage sale, it was on my way to the store and I was walking. I was the first person there. I spotted the GOLF clubs. And she had some gems in the junk. I spent about 20 dollars all told, had to go back with the car to pick some of it up.

But the clubs I carried home. I ran an ad on craigslist yesterday morning, and before I was able to post another ad, the phone rings, and a guy wants to buy the clubs...but only ONE of them. I told him to stop by.

He ends up buying TWO clubs for 40 bux. I paid 5 for both of them. My time invested total was less than 15 minutes, including the shopping time at the garage sale. I put a "total gym" type thing in the yard and got 50 bucks for it...I paid 10. This was done while I was surfing the Internet looking for bargains. And there is NO SHORTAGE of bargains right now.

On a 15 dollar investment, with very little time, I got 90 dollars to put back into circulation for the next "round" of chatteling.

BUT, chatteling is only ONE of the hot, HOT, HOT ways of cashing in on this current economic crunch time, that so many people are feeling. And they are feeling it much worse than the media reports and/or the scare mongers are talking about.

NOW is a good time to sit around in your underwear, stay at home and NOT use your gasoline...

and figure things out for yourself (as what you CAN do to profit).

There are about 101 different ways to profit and prosper from the "hard" times we are in. It is, however, a choice and a choice that includes taking action.

What are YOU seeing in your neck of the woods regarding this "recession" that we aren't really in? And, what do you offer in the way of help to those in need?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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