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Default I see a Boom and have a rant...


Thanks for Asking about the Phantom Recession/Depression.

What are YOU seeing in your neck of the woods regarding this "recession" that we aren't really in?

I am seeing a BOOM. Currently, in my city, we have... the Gateway Bridge project (where another bridge is being built to help traffic bypass the city) the North South Bypass Tunnel (a 4.8km tunnel is being built under the city to allow traffic to get from one side to the other without needing to go through the tail end of the CBD), the Airport Tunnel (the road to the airport is congested and this will allow airport traffic to get to the airport without congesting the normal traffic. I'm currently working on a Dam Upgrade Project. There is also another Dam being built an hour out of the city, as well as two massive holding ponds - as part of the city's water infrastructure upgrade. There are two Major Motorway upgrades going on right now. One will allow people to bypass one motorway and hook up with it again a few clicks after it splits off into two motorways. Plus others - power stations, mine infrastructure, general building construction, etc.

There are others, but these alone can Each suck 600 to 900 guys out of the workforce. Which is why we have guys coming in from other states to fill the void. And the versatile Franna Crane cannot be had. Starting at only $400k there is a 2 year wait from the manufacturer.

So while this goes on... the reserve bank says... we need to raise interest rates to curb inflation. The effect is... the rate hikes are passed on in the form of increased prices (which the reserve bank says it is fighting). It's a big Con Game foistered onto the public. The media remains silent. Politicians speak gibberish.)

And while this goes on and any person who wants a job will get one in a few days, there are those who complain about no work around and who stay on the Welfare Money.

what do you offer in the way of help to those in need?

"Those In Need" is my Favorite term I love to despise. Because it is so generic it defies clear definition. Heck, I bet you could find The Donald is In Need. Everyone on this board is In Need of one thing or another.

I once asked my very spoiled cousin if she was Spoiled. She said, "No, because I don't have Superstar Barbie". She had everything a kid could want but, in her opinion, she still had a Need. A Need for a Superstar Barbie.

The old guy on the street. Clothes look well worn. Unwashed. Asks me for a dollar. I tell him "Don't solicit me in the street" and he walks off... smoking his cigarette, drinking his can of soda, while a nicely wrapped sandwich sticks out of his pocket. What does he have a Need for... money for Smokes and Soda? He can't even be bothered to wash his face in any public washroom, why should *I* help him when he won't help himself.

Looky here... Child Hoodie Jackets being recalled. Why... they have a Drawstring and some kid might Choke. None have. But the recall exists. Think they might have a Need?

Sign in the shopping mall reads... help children in need... and shows some kid of African Genetics. Is this the same Need that existed three decades ago? Dang, whatever is being done ain't working - unless the goal is for the so-called Charity and those in it, to have a Money For Nothing JOB.

Girl sits in the lunch room soliciting Sign Ups for weekly pay deduction for the Spastic Center or some such. I ask her One question... are you on commission? Answer... YES! Every signup and weekly deduction sees a portion go into Her Pocket. I guess she isn't that Charitable after all top Donate her time.

Those In Need, indeed.

Off soapbox now.

Michael Ross
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