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Default Weird trick I use...

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
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Thanks Glenn... As usual, love it!

You're right in that PSYCHOLOGY can be a big deal...

I've been wrasslin' with my own psychology for many decades...

Sometimes there's a setback... (Covid forced me to change the way I work... and only NOW, after well over a year, have I figured out how to make it work for me... I may write a post about this at some point...! But my brain is weird, so I'm not sure how relevant it would be to others...)

One "trick" I use (I've written about this at least once before), is I eat hot chili...


Hot chili gives you pain... which stimulates endorphins... and I've read that hot chili stimulates dopamine too...

Some have compared the "hot chili high" to a "runner's high"...

For some activities, I find it beneficial...!

(and relatively harmless... at least for me...)

Thanks Glenn for sharing!

Best wishes,

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