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Default Read EVERY Self-Help Book on Earth in 30 Seconds

The title of this thread is the title of an article I've plucked from Laissez Faire Today. LFT is an Agora Financial publication. You may have read about AF on these pages.

I am NOT associated with them and I subscribe to LFT because it is free. If I had to pay I wouldn't. Personal reasons so I'll leave it there.

The Managing editor is Chris Campbell who, to me, is an interesting person and gives credit where credit is due. He looks for stuff that'll help all of us and writes about it. Because I thought his above titled article was damned good and actually covered the self help universe, I extracted the 7 lessons he extracted from the HighExistence blog (never heard of it till I read the article).

Here is my extraction:

Read EVERY Self-Help Book on Earth in 30 Seconds

For your self-enhancing pleasure, courtesy of TheUnknown at the HighExistence blog, we present to you seven universal life lessons within nearly every self-help book on Earth.

1.] Control your mind. Control your Life.
2.] Focus your thoughts. Control your actions. Think. Do. Pursue.
3.] Practice every day. Reprogram your mind.
4.] Successful daily habits. Have a system. Define what you want. Plan.
5.] Take time. Don’t give up.
6.] Blame nothing. No excuses.
7.] Don’t be an *******. Be kind.

There you have it.

You’ve pretty much read 99% of all self-help books on Earth.

end of extraction...

As he says, there you have it. What do you think?

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