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Default *Flirt & Get Richer* Combines Ideas from 5 Mentors

Thanks Tom,

#1 - The Flirt Tip idea comes from my friend Bryan Redfield, author of "Bartenders Guide on how to Pick up Women".

Who taught me how to 1.00 Bill tip to get great service.

Mastermind testing proved Lotto tickets to be easier
For men and women to give Away than Cash.

#2 - Napoleon Hills interviews with the worlds richest men showed
They all went the Extra mile AND practiced tbe Golden Rule.

With Money.



#3 - Bill Myers Taught us to create information products based on what we DO
As a hobby.

Thus we were able to chunk the Golden Rule Concept down and apply it to help clients make money.

Especially after interviewing a #1 car salesman and a dr to dr foreclosed
Home buyer/investor who used Lotto tickets to break the ice with strangers.

#4- Then we observed 426 million mentor Walter Hailey using the idea.

And then a 27 million Chiropractor.

#5- Plus Gary Halbert - who famously mailed many tens of thousands of 1.00 Bill

Eventually We started to combine Flirting and Selling regularly.



Waitresses and waiters are under paid And bored.


Weirdly enough.

Flirting to create enough trust to get a date.


Flirting to create enough trust to give away Money. Or make a sale. All start out exactly the same.

Without Trust and Rapport we are convincex nothing Positive happens btwn people.


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