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Default Susan Gives Away $1 LOTTO Ticket & Gets a HUG and $10 Back

Thanks Tom,

#1 on Your List was "Control of your mind. Control of your life."

Below is Proof you can Get More Control over your life. Yet Be Out-of-Control
at the same time.

Susan Got CONTROL of her Tail-Gater. But had NO CLUE she was gonna get Hugged by a total Stranger - later!

Lotto Ticket Flirt Tipping for Profit is Totally UN-Predictable
without Directions.

Which is THE REASON WHY I'm writing books about it. Funny Flirt Stories.
And with Step by Step Directions on what to say and what to do.

A General
FLIRT TIP Directions Suggestion:

Always give a "Reason Why" you are Giving Away Money.

Susan came up with a Clever "Reason Why."

Susan gave us her Permission to Share
her Innovative LOTTO Tipping Story.

Ok, I wasn't going to tell anyone this but my neighbor was with me...sooo, no secret.

Where I live tail-gaiting in traffic is a career choice, must be because so many people do it.

Anyway, usually I bitch and moan and sometimes mouth words that would make a drunken sailor blush, but not this time.

Instead, stopped at a stop light with Mr. "Mine is Bigger Than Yours" pickup
(you know the type - big rig tires on a Honda) right on my bumper.

Told my neighbor "watch this", and grabbed my lotto ticket from the center
console and got out the car. Of course my neighbor has dinner plates for eyes,
mouth gaping like a landed fish.

I walked back to Mr. MIBTY, climbed on the running pipe on his truck, tapped on
the window and said "Hey! Thanks for reminding me that I hadn't paid my tithes
this month. Here you go!" and gave him the lotto ticket. The went back to my
car and drove off just as the light changed.

Looked in my rearview mirror and he was still at the light, cars honking behind
him. When I pulled off at my exit, he was behind me (safe distance, not on my
bumper) and waving with a stupid grin on his face.

Maybe, just maybe, he got the message so the next driver will not be subject to


came in Email #2 -

First, here's the update to Mr. MIBTY. I went to Starbuck's and guess who stood in front of me?


When he saw me, he rushed over and hugged me like I was long lost relative
and began talking about "safe driving, and he was on his way to pick up his wife
and newborn, blah, blah blah".

Anyway, he gave me a $10 scratch ticket, paid for my coffee and hugged me when he left.

Say what??!

Jeez, I hope not to run into him again, it will be hours of baby pictures

Second, Susan sounds like a good name.

Thank You Susan,

P.S. - I ask everyone who sends me a LOTTO Tip story what new name
they want to be called. Cuz I change everybody's name and location. Plus
get their Written PERMISSION to Share their Testimonial.
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