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Default Joe Sugarman seminar...

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Years ago I called Joe in his home in Hawaii to buy some Batman Credit
Cards. But he needed them for a project.


During our chat Joe Said, "What I did in JS&A is no longer possible. The world
and the culture or economy are changing too fast."

And he told me about a Big Seminar he had put on
that made a lot of munny.

He tried the Same Thing a Month Later and it was a FIASCO.

Joe believes he waited TOO LONG. (YIKES - 30 days is too Long?)

And he made the mistake of trying
to use the SAME offer and the Same Marketing and Benefits and Venue.


That the people and the culture had SHIFTED
Under his feet - and that offer No longer was appealing!


Joe would Agree with the 1st two items on your list TOM.

You Gotta FOCUS your mind
and adapt what you do to what is happening TODAY.

And - For Sure - You Gotta CONTROL - not only your thoughts.
But CONTROL whatever deal or project you work on.

Glenn Osborn
Rentamentor Group
Thanks Glenn,

Awesome stuff!

By the way, here's Joe Sugarman's ad for one of his seminars, for those who want to have a look...

Joe Sugarman Seminar Ad

(Click on the image on that page to see it as a PDF, which is big-enough-to-read...)

Best wishes!

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