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Default Ingenious system - it would work for any local business!

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Tom,

"How James Uses LOTTO TICKET Flirting to Create Leads
For His Home Based Business."

While helping a Coaching Client Close Sales for a Real Estate
Business Opportunity - we got Referred to James.

James works construction - ALL NIGHT.

Hates it.

But has a tiny side business - Drywall Repair.

But he only had 7 home owner clients.

***We Gave James a POP QUIZ.

"Please go out and Flirt with a Waitress or cashier and say, Thank you for
helping me today. SMILE. And give her an Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Ticket."

"Then email me about what happens."

James Passed The QUIZ!

He reported that After he gave LOTTO Tickets to the cashier at the
convenience store where he gets gas every day...

The lady Cashier start SMILING and Laughing. And even gave him a F-r-e-e Donut.

James then told me he DISLIKED working for others.

Wants a Stream of Income.

Wanted to work from home.

So We Put Our Heads Together and
Created a Referral System based on Flirting and Lotto Tickets.

Let's Call it -

"James' LOTTO Ticket
Referral System"

Here are the 3 parts of the "Lotto Flirt Bunny Making Referral System" we
helped James Create and Flirt Test.

PART I - Every Day James Gets a Handful of 1.00 Instant Scratch Off LOTTO
Tickets. And Thank Rewards his waitress, Gas Station Attendant, BarMaid, Cashier or Fast food Drive Thru Person.

PART II - James Showed Each Person What he Does. Before and After
holes in the walls of homes. Photos of his finished Repair work.

(EDITORS NOTE - Within 48 hrs - the "donut lady" had referred him
3 prospects. 1 didn't order. Job #2 he fixed a hole left by a plumber. Job #3 - He repair a hole where 2 boys rammed their heads thru the wall. These 2 jobs grossed a bit over 800 bucks.)

PART III - So Next We Got James to Create an 8 by 10 Page. So he can
GIVE A Flyer Away to all the women he LOTTO TIPS.

Side A - Before and After Wall Repair photos

Side B - Headline - "Proof I'm Not a Crook" - and a list of his past home owner
clients and their phone #'s - so prospects could call and check.


Wherever James went he Flirt Tips Waitresses and Barmaids and Cashiers
who SEE, Talk to and Can Find Home owners with HOLES in their Walls.

This would work for any local business! (And probably even some online ones too, though with word spreading locally...)

Amazing system! Thanks for sharing!

I didn't include Glenn's whole post, but you should read the whole post, since the second half is just as valuable as the first half...

Best wishes,

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