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Default Re: Joe Sugarman Told Me That *Focus* & *Control* Are Important

Your post reminded me of my all-time favorite Sugarman ad.


Joe Sugarman, JS&A catalog:

Nuclear Mail Box

It will survive nuclear explosion or we'll refund double its cost. If you own a rural mail box and your home was nuked, it is highly unlikely that your mail box would survive. Who'd care anyway, right?

But, let's say you owned a typical rural mail box and your home wasn't nuked. Chances are that your mail box would rust within a year, corrode something horrible within two and have to be replaced within three. That's a three-year life if the neighborhood kids didn't smash it with their bats, explode firecrackers inside or blast it with a 22-caliber rifle.

Mail boxes are abused by people and weather and are made so poorly that they must be constantly replaced.

Enter George Korycan.

Like many Americans, George owned and replaced mail boxes. And like many Americans, George got fed up replacing them.

So one day he sat down in his workshop and built the strongest, heaviest, most corrosion-proof mail box ever built on the face of this earth.

And when he presented it to us, we loved it.

Here's why.

The Nuclear mail box is built to U.S. Post Office specifications. Its metal is 1/8" thick galvanized steel plate - enough to stop a bullet from ten feet.

Before painting, each galvanized surface is first cleaned with acid and then each box is primed, sanded and then spray painted several times with battleship silver paint to give it a rust proof and hard finish that should never need replacing.

The mail box piano wire hinge goes across the entire width of the box to let you smoothly open the door. The red flag is made of .063" steel and protected just like the other components. Compare the 22 pound "tank" to the typical one-pound mail box you can buy at your hardware store for up to $20.

The U.S. Postal Service took six months to approve the Nuclear mail box. They put it through every test they could, including their 50-hour salt spray torture test and the appearance of the paint did not change. They had never seen a box like it before.

Owning a Nuclear mail box has several advantages. First, it's probably the last mail box you'll ever have to buy. Secondly, the mail box is weatherproof - and won't blow open the door, moisture can't penetrate it and your mail will always be safe and dry. And each mail box includes a limited five-year warranty.

Order the Nuclear mail box and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if anything ever happened to your home, or your city, at least you'll be able to get our catalogs.

Mail Box (9001A 10.00)...... $99
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