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Default Best Buy now in Auto Detailing business...

They have a new big sign at the entrance to my local Best Buy...for CAR detailing. So I walk around to the side and talk to the detailers. For 149 bux, they do a mid-size car, 199 for a big one. FULL and complete detail.

See, they have two installation bays, but most of the time they were empty, and so some savvy guy (maybe Don Alm hit them up) told them how to put one bay to work all the offering a detailing service.

The install guy I talked to said he "resented" it at first, but it was either detail cars or get laid off...and while I was there he was doing a small Mecedes sports car...for the DELUXE treatment.

He says it keeps the guys busy, is much easier than installing and just as much money for them...and when an Install is made, or if they offer an install on the spot...the two guys work together to get the job done...and they have a third guy who handles the phone, paperwork cash register and hops into help when he isn't doing anything else.

I don't know if Best Buy is doing this in your neck of the woods...but it seems a pretty smart way to keep people employed, provide a quality add on service and to create another profit center while holding on to experienced install people who may have been put out of work.

No matter what the economy does, people love their CARS and there are many groups who don't have the time, but do have the MONEY to have their cars taken care of. Still a good business.

I wonder how many auto repair shops and little one man repair and/or empty bays there might be in your neck of the woods?

Then, for you in the peanut gallery, here's a good "buy" being offered up on eBay:

Item number: 290232969783

HOT dog truck...could be used for Peanuts or Gyros or events.

Cheap way to get into a lucrative all cash business.


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