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Default Thanks BOZO - Bean Cookies

Mil Gracias BOZO,

Kindof amazing.

Years ago I started an Informal "Big Red Nose Club" as a Test of Rapport
Building Skill for my top New Idea Testing members.

I hereby Dub you an "Honorary Member of the Big Red Nose Network."


Because I'm allergic to anything with wheat flour in it - (IF I eat a roll
in a restaurant I can't close my hands 5 minutes later) I've skimmed literally
1000's of cookbooks.

Bean Sprouts Recipes are popular.

But Gordon may just have something - Bean Cookies and Bean Icecream
are something relatively NEW.

There is a huge existing Gardening and Cooking bunch of people in the millions who already buy Vegetable recipe books.

ESPECIALLY for fun stuff that gets the Kids involved.

Glenn Osborn
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