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Default Re: Kangaroo Lasagna Recipe

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
I have customers in Australia.

They tell me kangaroos are like Rats down-under and the Gummnt has
been offering MUNNY incentives for restaurants and businesses to
SHOOT the roos and cook or export them.


THE EXPORT direction is working best.

50 million pounds of roo meat are being exported all over the world
be just ONE Aussie Company - I just read about.

People in other countries don't know how much native Australians hate
the hopping varmints.
(Happy Holidays to all!)

Hi Glenn,

Your Aussie sources are pretty good!

It's true - they sell kangaroo meat at my local supermarket (and probably at most Aussie supermarkets nowadays)!

While I haven't eaten kangaroo - I have eaten emu. Here's a picture of an emu...

It's a big bird - kind of like an ostrich. Emu is a dark meat - kind of like dark turkey meat.

By the way, with kangaroos and emus on the menu, they say that Australians are the only people who eat their own coat of arms!

Here's the Aussie coat of arms...

When Aussies see this, they get hungry!

Thanks for the recipe! I might try it without the kangaroo...

Best wishes,

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