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Default Re: How to become fierce, ferocious and furious.

The universe is nothing but a mirror. We receive what we give - if we want to receive love, we must give love first; if we want to receive money, we must give money first. It is not until I started my own business that I started to really understand this concept: that a business shall not be motivated by money. Money is just a side-effect. The real motivation, at least in my case, is to transform my selfish "me-centred" desire to a selfless "we-centred" desire. In other words, to transform the desire to receive for the self-alone to the desire to recieve for the sake of sharing.

Thanks for the reminder Gordon and for your generous share of your article THE CREED. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is however just one thing that I'd like to add, that selflessness doesn't mean to give everything, everytime, to everyone. The reason being: what we want is not necessarily what we need. Every customer wants free stuff, but that doesn't necessarily do good to them. Money is just a way to exchange energy. By charging for our products / services will ensure that we attract only those who really need these products / services, and therefore appreciate them; but also make us, the sellers, accountable for what we offer. Adults are just like kids. As much as we don't want to have spoiled kids, we shall also be careful not to spoil our adult customers.

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