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Default Fiercely Target Niches Like *Energy*-*Pain*-*GrayHair*

Thanks Gordon,

Perhaps Young and old are BURNT OUT.

Over-Stimulated. Over-Worked.
Checking Text Messages 800 Times a day.

Over 100 Niched Cable TV Channels
Plus Internet and Social Media.


The Author of the book that has made me more moolah than all of the other books I've read Combined...

"80/20 Principle - Koch"

(What I got out of it was "S*ell people more of what they Are Already Excited About. More of what They Already Do."

Mr Koch is now worth 400 M*illion.

He no longer uses the 80/20 Principle to choose Start-up companies
to invest in.

He Finds The Top 1% of the Top 20%
of the emerging StartUp Companies.

In my own Information Product Creation
I Noticed in the book, "Influence" by Cialdini

That 1 of a kind Information NOBODY ELSE HAD
On TOP of a Scarce Product
Made more Money than his other S*ales Influence Strategies.

SCARCE INFO Is good - I Discovered
that Every single One of the Top 20
MLM Focuses their products around EXTRA ENERGY.


A - So I have a Website that Sells a Video
about a 5000 yr old Exercise that Creates MASSIVE Extra Energy.

One of a Kind BECUZ
I Added a Step That Guarantees You
Massive Extra Energy in 24 - 48 hrs
Instead of weeks.

B - "How to Fight PAIN & Win"

You Get A Info Product That Shows You HOW TO Take Away Pain in 60 Seconds.

C - "No More Gray Hair" - And a Special Report about 2 Vitamins that Reverse Gray Hair.

Meaning Your Gray Hair Turns Back to It's Natural Black, Brown, Blonde
Color. With no side effects.

"No More Gray Hair"


P.S. - Remember How Gary Halbert Changed his tune?

At first he said, "Find me a Starving Crowd."

Later he changed it to
something like:

"Find me a Crazed, Insane, Bonkers Crowd
that Buy Without Thinking."

On Amazon - dot - com

I discovered Literally THOUSANDS of people B*uying
Hair Dye. On each Best Seller PRODUCT Ad - with 500 Positive Feedback
or more are

"TEST FOR SKIN DAMAGE and Allergic Reactions
2 Days BEFORE Every Application."


CRAZED Niche Crowd.
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