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Default A process.

Originally Posted by Rick View Post
I'd still charge more than $69.95 for it, automated or not.


Both ways work, re: low intro, backends vs. higer ticket.

Tony Robbins built his 100 mil a year biz on the 19.95 books he wrote. It took a while to get people to spend 25k to visit his private isle, or the 10k to jump off poles and walk on hot coals.

But the low cost entry, is a lead generator without going into debt on customer acquisition. A fallacy, or what I believe to be one, is where guys like Ben Suarez would spend 40 bux to get a 200 dollar LTV.

The problem with that is the float. Between Customer Acquisition and profitability could devastate a small biz, not deep enough reserves. Where as a upfront profit, and a base buy, gives a list of buyers, and then you put them into the Pachinko machine.

No reason the old world way, a 69.95 front end, a 297 seminar/workshop or a 995 bigger ticket...and keep going up the ladder.

In Fraternal clubs, it often takes MONEY to go up the ladder to master, etc. Inner secrets of any religion (but I'll pick on Scientology, albeit, not a real religion) to get up to the Tom Cruise and John Travota levels is going to cost a pretty penny and a guaranteed ride on the mothership, is probably more than a 10% tithe too.

LEVELS of competency, in many fields require more training, more classes, more education and that does cost money.

So, maybe a 69.95 GJASQ1 STARTER course, and 49,000 MASTER TRAINER'S license.

Still, just spitballing here.

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