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Default The "Secret" to getting prospects to OPEN your emails!

Howdy folks....I've been involved with Internet Marketing for many years. I sell "Advertising and Info Products" to OffLine Biznesses and I've tried
1) Cold-Calling (Hate it)
2) Postcards....too much work finding the Lists...postage...printing... etc
3) Emailing Prospectsl

However....the email "Subject Line" is the KEY! If my prospects DON'T OPEN my emails....I'm "Dead in the Water" and all my effort in creating the content for my emails is....for naught!

So....knowing that the KEY to my "Sales Funnel" is to....first of all, get potential customers to "Click On" my email and see what's inside!...HOW do I get prospects to "Click IN" to MY email?

Well....I experimented with many Subject Lines until I found the ONE that "Grabbed prospects by the "Greed Glands"!

After many yrs of sales I knew any Niche....the members of that Niche....KNOW....all the other members of that local Niche!

They "pay attention to" and are aware of...what their TOP Competitor is doing!

So....taking advantage of this, I decided to "Appeal" to their "Greed Glands" by using an Email "Subject Line" of....."Here's How Smith Roofing gets most of their Jobs!"

"Smith Roofing" is the Top Roofer in the area and....all their competitors KNOW IT! mentioning the Top Biz in that Niche....I get almost 100% "Clicks".

I then go on to explain how I can help competitors get Leads AWAY from the Top Biz "works for me"!

Don Alm....using "Niche-Envy" to get clients

So....since I'd like to

Direct Mail....Emailing...etc and...I discovered that...
1) I Hate Making COLD Phone Calls
2) I Hate printing and mailing post cards or Flyers
3) "Email

if you have a Report or Program...or anything you'd like to sell to OffLine biznesses'd rather NOT I'd like to toss out a "Marketing Secret" I've found that works for my way of getting prospects to "OPEN" my emails!

This relates to selling to OffLine Businesses;

Let's say you have a way to help Offline businesses get more leads, more clients, more customers...more patients...whatever.

Let's say you don't want to spend time or effort or money....phoning, mailing postcards or sending emails that DON'T get opened.

I'm talking here primarily about "Service" businesses....Roofers, Plumbers, Electricians, Pest Control, Landscapers, Remodelers and even Real Estate Agents!
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