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Default Resort Town

I have often wondered what happens off-season in resort towns as far as the owners of business are concerned.

In my area near me is Branson, MO. It is very MUCH a resort town. During April through the end of August, people from all over the midwest come to visit. From Sept. through about Dec. 15th bus tours come through to visit the small city. Almost every business is geared toward these large numbers of visitors. I think, at least, 1 million folks come through the area during this time.

Because of the large amount of business that is done during these times, most business owners make enough to last through the time the businesses are closed. (Jan though April)

The vast majority of folks that work during this time collect unemployment during the off-times. The only exceptions that I see are service stations, restaurants, (we have to eat) and grocery stores. (Don't forget Walmart !)

What is interesting to me is that as I go to a few venues in this area, no one seems interested in improving their business lives.... they just rely on the "certainty" of resort business as the "season" comes every year.

I have gotten local business clients from out of the area as their business seems to be typical of small business. This is what I work on locally consistently. I am happy with this.

However, it would be interesting to hear of anyone who actually has experience working business consulting in a resort town.
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