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Steve MacLellan
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Default Re: What are the qualities needed to succeed as an entrepreneur? Women and men respond....

> Here's one of the results I found
> fascinating.... Do you have the qualitied
> needed to be a successful entrepreneur --
> according to other entrepreneurs?

Who cares what other entrepreneurs say about YOUR chances of success? And why would you care? When you get up every morning and look into the mirror... is it other entrepreneurs you see?

Statistics? Reports? Studies?

These are meant to comfort and provide excuses for those who fail time and time again.

There are a lot of inequalities. But it isn't the inequalities between men and women that we need to be concerned with. It is inequalities in individuals, man or woman, that make the difference. Three of these entities are variables which we all posess but to a different degree.


Regardless of sex, race, education, or background, your commitment to yourself to succeed is the predominant factor which predetermines the likelyhood of your success. If you can't make this commitment to yourself, then you had better believe in luck. (he-he)...and good luck to you.


For whatever obstacles you perceive to be hindering you, you must firmly believe that you can and will succeed.


We can lie to everyone else -- but we can't lie to ourselves. In order to be stronger it is important that each of us identifies our weaknesses and seek ways to improve these deficiencies.

It simply doesn't matter what anyone else including other entrepreneurs say....

Your truths are looking right back at you everyday. Isn't that the truth?

Best Regards, Steve MacLellan

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