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Paul Short
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Default equilibre

Hi Julie,

> As you said, we are wired differently: thank
> goodness! Vive la difference! (Well, I am
> not a speaker of French, but you know what I
> mean!

equilibre means "balance" in english. Something lacking in business... and in life in general.

Here's a secret straight from the horses mouth: Men turned the word "feminist" into a bad word when THEIR balance was upset. Men (myself included) like to get into their comfort zones and stay there. Any *****ist who tips that balance and forces them out of that comfort zone turns *****ist into a bad word.

But what they don't realize is this - Women, who have throughout history been considered the "nurturers", are badly needed in business today. What with business and marketing in particular being based on "relationships" between two parties, nurturing is what it's all about.

Wouldn't you agree? Please ;-)

Paul (What have I gotten myself into?) Short