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Default I Like Your Valentines Day Testing Strategy

Thank You TW,

Now that You've told me Your Goals for the interviews
perhaps we can Communicate Better.

Years ago my mentor Walter Hailey showed me the words you use
face to face are IMPORTANT.

What do you say now to women to Get Their Honest Opinions?

Here's one of Walter's ideas I've tested...

"Hi." Pointing at her coat or jewelry or tattoo.

"I really like your sense of Style/color. May I ask your OPINION on what to
buy my Girl-friend for _____________?"


I know You're doing video interviews.

But perhaps getting a sense of what women LIKE BEST off camera
will help position your on-camera interviews.

For Example - I'm always WRONG when I test. So I like to get lots of Opinions to get a clear TREND before I record anything.

ARE WE on the same Page Here?

Glenn Osborn
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