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Default New World Order, Universal Basic Income and SNL

May be one of the most stereotype, yet accurate?, sketches in a long time.

Baby boomers stealing the future from the millennials. Some truth in there. I love when the Gen X host says to 'tweet it, that might help'.

And speaking of the future, in a prior post I pointed out the scare tactics of Stansberry, and his wave of blue, socialist new order to come.

And in Davos, the new kid on the block, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has rattled the cages of the super rich, many of the so-called Illuminati retorted, it will never happen (a super tax on the super rich).

We may be a world in turmoil, but maybe, every generation since Noah (and obviously before) could say the same thing.

THIS is the year the truth about visitors from other planets is revealed.
This IS the year the economy crumbles and throws the world into chaos.
This is THE year the trumpets sound for the apocalypse.
This is the YEAR the big one hits California, giving ocean front property to Arizona.


Well, it is easy to get caught up in the many distractions availed upon us.

Yet here I am on recipe 47 of the mug muffin made from coconut and almond flour, so far, 46 have sucked. It may be my personal Sisyophus rock.

MOST things going on in the world rarely have a direct personal effect on us, sure, if you work as a TSA, or are in the Coast Guard and not getting paid, the shutdown is probably top of mind. But for most Americans, the shutdown has caused little to no inconvenience.

Here at Sowpub we try to focus on the individual responsibility for their lives, for their financial situations, and for their businesses.

We are in a moment of GREAT DISTRACTION, a tool used by the POTUS, the media (all), and maybe by Satan himself (although is there a difference between the first and the latter?).

Are you distracted? Or are you like the comedian who Gets er done? Larry the Cable Guy.

I know of a few projects about to be launched by members, some have taken a few years to get off the ground, and I truly hope they are huge successes, you've invested a lot of time in getting ready, in preparation and now the moment of truth is at hand? .
Does the market want what you spent all that time developing?

I hope so.

For some, it will be another round tuit year, maybe they will get around to it, as regards their project. Maybe, but doubtful.

Anyhow, just want to send out a reminder.

Where the head goes, the body follows.

Where is your head at in this first month of 2019?

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