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Default Re: Muffins Recipes

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon,

Funny SNL sketch.


What I saw at DSS - Dept of Social Services
RECENTLY - when I drove a Neighbor there.

Everybody but me was wearing Designer Clothes,
Apple watches, Apple Phones and lots of Bling. Kids Playing MMRP Games on
their Apple iPads - Plus the Parking Lot was full of New Cars.

AND THEY WERE The Ones Getting Gummnt Assistance!

"Yet here I am on recipe 47 of the mug muffin made from coconut and almond flour, so far, 46 have sucked. It may be my personal Sisyophus rock.

I can maybe help
You Brainstorm some Muffin Recipes Gordon.

While growing up it was MY Job to do Dessert
while my mother cooked dinner.

I tried Literally 100's of MUFFIN Recipes. Different ingredients and Different Flour Combinations.


Great Glenn,

My muffin restrictions are NO sugar, or sugar substitutes, NO honey, NO nuts or seeds. No saturated fats. Willing to try anything. NO wheat flour. I do like oats, oat flour, rice flour, almond flour, coconut flour...and would prefer a minute or two in microwave.

Blueberry juice or strained blueberry, bananas with seeds removed or almost any fruit in moderate amounts (fresh or frozen, nothing in syrup).

So fire away and I'll bake, bake and bake some more.

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