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Default Steve Jobs' 7 product failures...

As great an entrepreneur as Steve Jobs was - he didn't always get it right! This is good to remember...

Everyone is human.

I don't say this to denigrate Steve Jobs - as I'm a huge fan... It's instead so we can learn a deeper lesson by seeing the "big picture."

Ben Suarez says (in his book "7 Steps to Freedom II") that, even with all his testing and everything, only 1 in 7 of his projects at SCI are successes.

That means that 6 in 7 are failures!

The key is to make sure you lose as little as possible from the failures, and make as much as possible from the successes, so in dollar terms, you'll make much more than you lose!

Here, you can read about Steve Jobs' 7 failed products... So that you know, even he was human!

(It is okay to fail - you just have to have a "plan" so you lose as little as possible in case it does happen, and "bounce back" to try again!)

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