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Default Suggestion & idea for all SowPubbers... Setup a SWIPE FILE of Favorite SowPub posts!

Now's the time to Start... Before SowPubs becomes Bigger than Google.

You just never know when you might require the particular information you read last week. By Saving some of the Best SowPub post Links in a SWIPE FILE...

You'll have that info when you realize you need it Now!

Maybe, Dien will consider making a Few posts "Sticky" that might help Simplify the Need for information...

For those that have emailed me looking for particular information from past posts, give me 24-48 Hrs or so to dig up some Quick research and possible answers.

I'll do my best to help a few...

As Dien mentioned, he'll be working on getting the Archives reconnected to SowPubs as soon as possible so get that SWIPE FILE ready for importing...

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