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Default As you said, 90% Of Restaurants Are "Strangers" To Their Customers

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
I had dinner on the 24th at a restaurant that was 3/4 empty.

9 of 10 restaurants don't have a customer list.

Thus they have no real business.
Hi Glenn!

That's a good point... The vast majority of restaurants I'm familiar with have no way of contacting their customers!

However, here in Melbourne, Australia, there is one "authentic" American-style Diner... The owner, Misty, is originally from Arizona, and is a "transplant" downunder. It's the only place in Melbourne (and maybe in Australia) where you can go to a "real" American-style diner...

Now, when you go to her restaurant (called, you guessed it, "Misty's Diner"), it's always packed. You know why?

She markets on Facebook like crazy... And it works! (This is the way she contacts her customers... As many of them "like" her Facebook page.)

She also has done some other active internet marketing too - on Youtube, Flickr, and also on restaurant "review" websites...

Misty also loves the cable TV show "Man vs. Food" (she told me so herself, as I was eating there one day), and in recent times has organized some eating challenges, kind of like you see on that TV show.

A couple questions about the StinkingRose Restaurant:

How many tables - how many people does the place seat?

How many different items on the menu?

Do you remember how busy they were when you were there?

How Successful they looked?
Well... I have to make an admission, that I was there quite a while ago... About 8 years ago, in 2003... (I was in San Francisco at that time for a marketing seminar/conference...)

So it may have changed since then.

When I was there, I remember it was a "medium"-sized restaurant, and it was relatively busy. Unfortunately, I don't remember what night of the week I was there. I don't even remember right now what I ordered, except that I remember the garlic ice cream (which as I said, was surprisingly delicious)!

They have quite a few items on the menu... You can see their menu at their website, .

They have all kinds of meats, seafood, pasta, and even salad with garlic!

I ask because...

In my experience GARLIC LOVERS are what Gary Halbert calls

CRAZED - Passionate - NUTS about Garlic.
I do like garlic... However, I'm probably just more "mad" for "unusual" places, and the "Stinking Rose" qualified!

P.S. - Plus whoever named the Restaurant is very Smart. Linking two
words that don't belong together is what I call an "NLP Trance SLAP in Print."

I list 100's of them - pulled out of the books of the TOP 50 #1 Best Selling
authors of the past 100 years in my "UGLY COPYWRITING Manual"

AND use them in my Own 61 -100% munnyback- Product Titles.

The Technique is VERY POWERFUL.
Thanks for the "heads up" on that, Glenn!

I hadn't thought of that...

Hey, your "kangaroo lasagna" is like that... No wonder I loved your post!

Best wishes,


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