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Default Re: Is a dog daycare a good business to have?

Originally Posted by vikkyrunner View Post
I am thinking of starting a dog daycare in the future. I understand that I am not going to make a ton of money. Do some dog daycares also offer dog training as an added service? I was considering studying for dog trainer and volunteering at some shelters for awhile first.
Hi Vikky,

Yes, some dog daycares do offer additional services, like dog training, dog grooming, and also dog boarding (for longer term stays, such as when the dog's owners go on holiday)...

Here are some examples which offer both a dog daycare service, as well as other additional services...

I think getting some experience with a dog daycare would be great, if it's possible. Or even other experience in the pet industry. You can start right away by offering pet care services to people in their own homes (i.e. you go to their home every day and feed their dog, etc., when they're on vacation, for example).

If you want to get insights into the industry, some may be reluctant to share their "secrets" if they're local to you, since they'd be wary about creating competition for themselves. However, those in other cities or other states may be more willing to share information, knowing that you won't be competing with them locally...

Please keep us updated!

Best wishes!

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