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"In the post that I referred to above, there was a suggestion on creating a local community website. To get advertisers to pay you to be featured on this site, you offer them the opportunity to be the only carpet cleaner, restaurant, flower shop, grocer or whatever.

If you were in an area that housing sales were very slow, what would you offer a local business to incentivize them to be on your community website?

ANSWER; The following has been done successfully in a town of pop 5,000;

1) Borrow, rent or buy a Digital Camera with a 100mm Lens
2) Go to your local Private Airport and find someone who has a 152 or 172 Cessna and pay them to take you up in for a "Photo-Shoot". (Cessnas have a high wing where the side window can be opened and the wind keeps it open while you lean out and take pictures of homes at 500 ft. Go down one street or road taking photos of all the homes on one side of the street...then, turn around and go back taking photos of the other side or the road or street.
3) With "Kodak Easy Share" you can edit the photos so you can separate each house or estate from the others.
4) Put up a website called, "" or "" (or whatever the name of your town is)
5) Place a bunch of "Thumbnail Photos" of say, 16 Homes (4 across and 4 down) in a square in the center of a webpage, with squares all around the edges. Clicking on any "Thumbnail Photo" brings up a larger photo of that home and which can be printed out.
The squares around the edges are ads for non-competing businesses and professionals.
6) Make a Sample Page with Sample Home Photos and Samples ads and print the page and go show potential advertisers how they can participate in your exclusive program,,,,that this will be the "Talk of Harrisburg" because homeowners would love to see an "Aerial Photo" of their home.
6a) The price that has worked is....$480 for each advertiser for a 3 month term ($240 deposit and $240 when their ad is up on the site. 20 Ad Squares = $9,600
6b) You could also make up a "NewsRelease" and ask the local newspaper to run an article on your unique website.
7) After placing 30 of these pages (with 16 different homes on each page (480 Homes) and the same ads around the edges on each page) run an ad in your local newspaper announcing,
"SEE AN AERIAL PHOTO OF YOUR HOME AT WWW.HARRISBURGHOMES.COM!" and show one of the "16 Photo" squares so they get an idea.
8) Add another section of 30 pages (480 Home Photos with 20 different advertisers) ...either in your same town or a nearby town.
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