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Don Alm
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This site was in her write up below the video:

Notice the term laptop - it has a suggestive overtone, re: lap dancing. She is probably the nicest person in the world but the censors decided it was questionable. And, you are correct, you have to state you are interested in seeing the video. I guess YT has its head up its ass.

Kristie is an honorable person. I've purchased much from her. I don't know why the "hubhub" about "laptop" or comments viewers make. My reason for posting the link to THIS Video is because she answers a question that MANY Mobile sales people have had;
"What if the biz doesn't even have a website or fanpage?"

My suggestion was to....."just watch the video, she covers a topic that is of VALUE to sales people....especially "Belly-To-Belly" guys like me, who come across all kinds of things...."on the field-of-battle."

Why make a "Federal-Case" out of something OTHER than the purpose of the Video"?

Don Alm
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