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Larry Foster
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Default Re: Marketing to new homebuyers idea

Thanks everyone for your patience and responsiveness.
I apologize that my question isn't clear. It is to me but I know what I'm trying to say.
Gordon, it's not a done deal.At one time I had an idea for a free weekly print paper with one purpose to drive readers online. It's gathering dust at the moment.
I would like to do lead generation and list building for local businesses.
I guess what I would like to know is how would you get traffic for local small businesses? Those that have no reach beyond the local community.
If I go to a florist, roofing contractor, an insurance agent, jeweler or any kind of local biz to offer marketing, what would you do to get them business? Online or offline.
Online, there is Local Search. Offline, there could be bought lists, classifieds in other media, posters on bulletin boards. But no marketinng to new home owners.
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