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Default Mastermind Effect - I Tipped The Wrong Waitress - But Got MORE Food

Happy Holidays,

With the way things are organized in some Restaurants I'm foggy about
Who does what.

Who my waitress is - for example.

I got Lonesome Waiting. My waitress went AWOL so I asked another lady to check on my soup.

Karen Brang me my Soup.

So I gave her a 1.00 bill.

Then Karen came back with my salad too.

I gave her another 1.00

Then MY Waitress - Sally - showed up. I asked for some salad dressing.

I gave her a 1.00 too.

Then I showed her my soup dish. 1/2 empty. She brought me another bowl of soup. (It came to my table 1/2 empty.)

This went back and forth thru the meal.

I went thru 5.00 dollars in ones.

But got Extra Salad.
Extra soup.
A big pile of Vegetables.
And More Fish than usual.
3 scoops of ice-cream on my pie.

Starvation At Restaurants - due to this MISTAKE?

IF you dine out - you know how small the portions have become.

I now 1.00 Tip the guy or gal who brings my water.

I 1.00 tip my Waitress

I 1.00 tip any other waitress I can Flag down - who SMILES back at me.

AND if things TASTE good - I send munny back to the Chef.

IS IT WORTH the Extra 4, 5, 8 dollars
to get MORE and BETTER FOOD?

Heck Yes.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Since 99% of the Other Patrons IGNORE the waitress, water boy
and chef.

OR Even better for You and me -

BITCH and MOAN. You can become a SUPER-STAR.

I Also Tell them how to Boost their Tips to 500.00 a day or more
With ideas from a 5000.00 a Day - Waitress I met - who bought her
OWN Restaurant.

MORE about her - here:
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