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Default Vinyl & Leather Repair

Someone earlier asked about the carpet cleaning business. Now I would like to post a similar question about Vinyl and Leather repair. Some time ago I came across the website This site is owned by a man whose first name is Thad, who has had his own business in Pennsylvania for 30 years.

Thad offers training by both DVDs and in-person. I have exchanged emails with him and he has been very personable. I think he probably offers good training and service (is a rep for SEM -- manufacturer of vinyl/leather repair products). What Thad doesn't do is mention profit projections. In fact, he seems to shy away from discussing anything but how to acquire the skills necessary to do a good vinyl or leather repair. This may be to his credit. There are franchises out there that do draw glowing pictures of future profits.

Is there anyone out there who has some knowledge of this type of business? Is it a profitable niche?

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