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Default If only I lived closer to this cafe...

Hi Gordon,

In terms of getting things done... I wish I lived closer to this cafe I just wrote about...!

If you have problems getting writing done, this cafe is for you...

Best wishes,


Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

In force, in the marketplace, FOR SALE, a chance for someone to buy what you are offering.

LOOK, these are great tools, Dien and I recently exchanged communication about these tools.

But here is my thing, my current CURMUDGEON self...

Get whatever you got into the market.

Text, video, audio, graphic or any combination. Don't matter what form it takes if it stays on your desk.

I can name 10 people off the top of my head, right now, here today...who have a lot of stored value and are fiddle farting around with these, in my opinion, details of PROCRASTINATION.

It is like the guy who spends hours on the cover of his ebook, and he hasn't written a single word of it (true as of yesterday).

I mean, come on people, if you have something to sell, then quit screwing around and start to sell it.

Being too busy worrying about format, when all should be easily doable, with today's really just one more way of delaying and showing resistance to your future good fortune.

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