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Default Re: Every generation has its seer.

Elon Musk is a "futurist" in a different way...

He makes predictions of what HIS company will do... which often sound outlandish...

But... he makes at least some of them happen... And gets dang rich in the process (because everyone then buys his stock)...

I think he's taken future forecasting to a degree no other entrepreneur has, to my knowledge... (As opposed to the "professional" forecasters, who just forecast, but don't try to create...)

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Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
MegaTrends. John Naisbitt made a fortune.

Futurist Faith Pocporn, another fortune made. $566,000 paid by US Postal Service to see their future. True.

MODERN day Nostradmus types still exist, hauling down some nifty nickels and dimes and some very shiny silver dollars too.

Robin Hanson, which you probably know and like Dien.

And scores of other futurists, now AI and data based and a whole mainstream of predictable future outcomes...and this doesn't even

scratch the surface of Astrologers, Psychics, Alien mind downloads...

And lets not forget HOLLYWOOD, a long time user of futurists work to scare the bejeebers out of us. Some even think HOLLYWOOD movies are being used to prep us for coming future events.

Now, why I don't do the stock market is a mystery (well, I don't liked rigged games, even if I win).

But you are right, wanting to know the future, with some degree of certainty, is comforting for millions of folks.

As a long time futurist, and here alone are 20+ years of future predictions, with an amazing 99.8% won't be long until the USPS knocks on my door to have me tell them their future....

is pretty dim.

That will be half a mil please USPS.

Thanks Dien.

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