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Default Oh God, spare me one more MINDSET post, thread, or comment.


I don't even know what MINDSET means anymore, and this from a guy who for years offered how to get the right mindset advice.

It has become the Internet's go to for all things unsuccessful, for a given person. You can spend all day surfing forums, Reddits, blogs, social media...and you find an almost universal response to someone, anyone, struggling.

Struggling with ANY part of their life. Weight. Appearance. Business. Self-image.

You will see this: "Change your mindset" or, "You have the wrong mindset"

Total strangers know what is wrong with you, how great is that?

OH, all I have to do is to change my mindset? Swell, I'll head over to Walmart and have it changed, isn't that department back with the Auto repair bays? I can change my oil and my mindset in one easy, simple, convenient stop.

YES, it is a billion dollar industry, called by many names; Self Improvement, Personal Development, Transformation, Actualization, etc., etc.

And every book ever written has WORKED for someone, but is there one that works for EVERYONE?

I'm about to take a vacation, or hiatus, or retreat so as to work on my mindset. Thinking maybe electric shock treatments, but they would have to be at least as strong as what Jack Nicholson got at the end of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST.

I think that would cure me of Internet MINDSET stuff.

How is your mindset, got it all right?

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